What We Offer

Members of the Watch UR BAC (blood alcohol concentration) team have decades of combined experience in drunk driving prevention and alcohol and drug awareness education. As a team, we offer a variety of program options in a format most suitable for the audience and time allotted. Most commonly, we offer a program at a school involving a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation given to a group on zero tolerance for underage drinking, the dangers of impaired driving, followed by hands-on activities to solidify the educational message.

Examples of our hands-on activities:

  • DWI prevention simulators: High-tech video gaming systems that let users experience driving while their vision is distorted through impaired driving goggles.  New in 2017 is the addition of an impaired motorcycle driving simulator that is similar to our “car” simulator, but using motorcycle controls.
  • Marijuana goggles: Designed to affect executive decision making skills caused by marijuana.
  • Pedal car with goggles: A kinesthetic approach to learning that allows the driver to pedal a car through a set of cones while wearing impaired-vision goggles.
  • Bean-bag toss: Participants don impaired-vision goggles and attempt to complete a simple task of tossing a bean bag into a target.
  • Parachute games: Suitable for audiences 4-10 years of age, an educational message is delivered while youth participate in a physical parachute activity.

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